The Greenroom Café Evening Menu

Tues – Sat, from 4pm; Sunday from 4:30pm


Garlic bread crostini    €4

Falafel, chili jam, buttermilk ranch, Ardsallagh feta cheese €8

White fishcake croquettes €8

with chili jam, peanuts & pickled cucumbers

Flash fried calamari €8

ranch & coriander

Chestnut mushrooms on toast €8

garlic & tarragon butter, parsley pesto                                                                           

Greenroom Chicken Wings €7

With your choice of: Spicy buffalo with blue cheese ranch, OR plain with smoky BBQ sauce

Greenroom Tacos €8

Spicy Woodside Farm free-range pork, chili jam, ranch, cheddar, coriander

Greenroom Veggie Tacos €8

Caramelized onion, feta, chili jam, ranch, coriander


Beef Tagine

Sweet spiced curry with ginger, cumin & cinnamon, Jasmin rice & garlic flatbread… 14.00

Greenroom Classic Beef Lasagna 

Garlic bread, coleslaw, chemical-free Greenfield Farm leaves… 14.00

Greenroom Curry *(Veggie & Vegan friendly)

Pumpkin, peanut & chickpea curry with jasmine rice & coriander flatbread … 13.00

Woodside Farm Pork Chili 

Free range spicy pork, coriander flatbread, jasmine rice  … 13.00

Greenroom Gem Salad

Gem lettuce, Caesar dressing, parmesan, Gubbeen chorizo, free-range chicken … 12.00

Panko crumb Greenroom Fish & Chips

tartare sauce …14.00


West End Gubbeen chorizo, caramelised onions, mozzarella, parsley pesto… 14.00

Fun Guy Ardsallagh goats cheese, spinach, chestnut mushrooms, parsley pesto… 13.00

Jane Dough Tomato & mozzarella… 10.00

Cockadoodledoo – BBQ Chicken, jalapeños, mozzarella …14.00

Greenroom Burgers

The Midletanna €13.50

6oz #12Mile beef patty, Jameson BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, cheddar

The Classic €13.50

6oz #12Mile beef patty, lettuce, pickle, mustard mayo

An Poc Fáda €13.50

6oz beef patty, coleslaw, aged cheddar

The Cure €14.50

6oz #12Mile beef patty, SAGE black pudding, fried East Ferry egg, aged cheddar, chili jam

The Wild West Burger €14

6oz #12Mile beef patty, jalapeños, Gubbeen chorizo, buffalo mayo

The Angry Bird €13.50

Free-range spicy buffalo chicken breast, gem lettuce, caramelized onion, buttermilk ranch

The Chic Pea €12

Spiced chick pea patty, beetroot relish, gem, chili jam

The King €14

Free-range chicken breast, Caesar salad, Ardsallagh feta cheese, crispy bacon

#Greenroom Facts: Our burgers are made with minced sirloin steak which is sourced from #12mile farmers served on a Pana Bread Company bun with Greenroom salted chips & dip. Gluten free buns are available – just ask your server.


Home-cut Rosemary Salted Chips €3

Spicy Buffalo rustic potatoes with Buttermilk Ranch  €4

Side Caesar salad with parmesan  €4

Chemical-free Greenfield Farm dressed leaves €4

Garlic toast   €4

Greenroom Coleslaw €3